Interested in joining the choir? We rehearse September – May with two or three performances during the fall and spring semesters. Feel free to stop by any rehearsal to check us out, or you can send us email for more information.

Tuesdays, 7:00pm – 8:30pm
Gertrude R. Jones Performing Arts Building
Coastal Bend College – 3800 Charco Rd.
Beeville, Texas 78102

For College Students: There is a small fee to join (this covers your uniform & helps us pay for new music). If you need financial assistance, we do have scholarships available. Click here to download the application & bring it with you to apply! If you do not have a PDF reader installed, please use the application below.

P. O. Box 1843
Beeville, Texas 78104

Phone Number ______________________
Address _________________________________________
City ___________________________ State ____________ Zip _____________ Email:_________________________________________

Do you attend school/college:   Yes        No

If yes, which:_______________________________________
School Address:____________________________________

1. What experiences have you had singing in a choir?

2. Are you currently a member of a school or church choir? If so, where?

3. Are you currently a member of a school band or orchestra? If so, where?

4. What special honors have you attained with music (U.I.L. contests, All State ensembles, Drum Major, other)?

5. How many semesters have you sung in the Beeville Community Chorus?

6. Will your weekly schedule prevent you from attending rehearsals and performances?
If so, please explain.

7. Do you play a musical instrument(s)? Please list.

8. Do you study voice, piano, or other musical instruments privately? If so, how long have you studied?

9. If you play piano, would you be interested in playing for sectional rehearsals of the choir?

10. If granted a financial scholarship from the Beeville Community Chorus, how would the financial aid help you fulfill your responsibilities as a member of the organization?

11. List the name and address of a teacher, employer, or pastor whom the scholarship committee might contact as a reference in your behalf. Please circle which your reference is.

12. List the name and address of a personal friend whom the scholarship committee might contact as a reference in your behalf.